P.I. Font del Ràdium - C/ Josep Trueta 5, 08403, Granollers, Barcelona (Spain)

Plasticband at FIMMA Maderalia 2018

Thank you very much for your confidence

A few days ago, we came back from Valencia, and, with our memories still vivid in our minds, the least we can do is to thank you for placing your trust in Plasticband.

As it is the case in every edition, it has been a pleasure to get to know first-hand the needs and concerns of the companies that work within the wood sector.

Knowing your everyday reality helps us continue developing efficient strapping and wrapping solutions for your products.

Because our commitment and goal are to protect in the best possible way the results of your hard work.

Whether we had the opportunity to personally share ideas with you during the exhibition or not, please, feel free to watch a short video that summarizes our performance at FIMMA Maderalia 2018.