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Nothing defines us better than our own path


The constancy and the want to do good things is the way to go to improve continuously.

In 1978 he was born an idea of the company which by then was already different, its founders, two young engineers, had the vision to develop a strip of plastic distinct, lightweight and eco-friendly. It was globalization and the increase of competitiveness of the companies that led these two entrepreneurs to design machinery for the packaging. In 1983 Plasticband® manufactures the first strapping packaging, innovation being the first to offer customers the strip printed and starts the export. In 1989, developed and released to the market the first orbital wrappers. In keeping with the values of the founders, with the idea of innovation and continuous improvement, in 2009 we implemented the system Lean Manufacturingthe soul of our evolution. In 2011 we acquired the legendary brand of strapping of pallets MATURI®, present on the market since 1962. The incorporation of our Know-how of the brand allowed us to upgrade technologically these teams and redeploy them at a global level, with the 3rd generation of tools.

Start of the construction of a new factory green throughout 2022.

Development and Launch of the new strip ECO245

Remodeling of the factory

Restructuring of the factory to optimize the customer service, production, delivery and short-term sustainability.

3rd Generation of strapping automatic pallet Maturi®

Launch of the new generation of the recovered Maturi®, more technologically advanced and a benchmark in the packaging at the global level.

4th Generation of wrappers, orbital

Launch of the 4th generation of wrappers, orbital Neleo, coinciding with the sale of the machine number to 4,000.

Relaunch of strapping automatic pallet Maturi®

Recovery and upgrade of the legendary brand Maturi®. Machinery of reference of packing of pallets with our own technology r+D+I.

Implementing Lean Manufacturing

The establishment of this system would strengthen the competitiveness on the basis of two fundamental pillars. Short-term delivery and custom manufacturing.

New factory in Granollers – Barcelona

The new factory Plasticband, with 5.000m2 of land would allow increased production and investment in R & D for the development of new products.

Series production of X orbital

The strong competitiveness and globalization are driving the development and launch of the first x orbital

Start of production strip light Tecnik

Born the strip light Tecknik. Strapping flexible, lightweight and safe that it conviertiría in the consumable of reference in the sector.

Year of foundation Plasticband

Jordi Guimet and Miquel Sisó develop a business model that would revolutionize the packaging sector at national and international level.