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Discover who we are and how we share what we do

We have always believed that the best way to know us well is to come and see what we can do for your company.


In Plasticband® we have been more than 40 years manufacturing strapping machines, wrappers, and consumables to pack your products.


We have an advanced factory, which is able to produce clean and efficient way, thanks to the use of solar energy and the best technologies in the industry, which make us manufacture in Europe in a really competitive way.


Our goal is to constantly improve the safety in the logistics of your business, by reducing the accidents of people and products, also to increase the speed and comfort in all your packaging processes.


You have a team at your disposal to work side by side at the highest requirements, advise you on the equipment and consumables that are most suitable for you and to keep these at the maximum level required, all by supplying you original components even for machines that were made 25 years ago.


The Plasticband orbital wrappers along with our strapping brand MATURI®, are distributed all over the planet, working in thousands of factories. This consolidated experience enables us to face the challenges we may set out with a guarantee of success.

Our vision

Structure, equipment, ideas, and limitless improvement; this is the true engine of Plasticband and by your side, we create a family business that is more competitive each day.

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