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About Us

The prestigious Jack Welch (General Electric) wrote a quote that said “Change before you have to.”

Plasticband’s DNA is based on continuous improvement, managing to do things a little better today than yesterday, thereby managing to change more quickly than our environment and thus maintaining our competitiveness.

On the other hand, we maintain our founding values as an independent family business with an obsession to serve our Clients with the best safe and environmentally sustainable packaging products.

To achieve this, we rely on the constant development, decade after decade, of our own technology. An example of this is the Plasticband strap (Tecnik, iPremium, Eco …), with more than 4 decades of manufacture and continuous improvement; the prestigious orbital wrappers (Neleo and Atis) or the mythical MATURI® strapping machines with more than 60 years of success behind them.

Welch himself said “If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.”

At Plasticband we have developed 3 key sustainable competitive advantages:

  1. Customization. Each customer is unique and the best way to satisfy them is to manufacture the product tailored to their needs and tastes. A large part of our products is made to measure for each Client, with the same efficiency as if it were to produce large batches.
  2. Short delivery time. So that our Clients enjoy them as soon as possible. We have managed to be the fastest manufacturer in Europe in our category and we are able to produce tailor-made products in record time.
  3. Plasticband is green. Manufacturing in southern Europe is a privilege, but it can’t be done just any way. For this reason, since our beginning, we have worked hard to be able to manufacture the safest and greenest products competitively and sustainably, in the segment.

And all this is based on the people who are part of Plasticband today, on those who have already created our history and on a large network of Clients, Partners, Collaborators and Suppliers who trust us, without whom it would not be possible to remain faithful to our values for so many decades.

Thank you very much for being part of our values and for allowing us to accompany you on a day-to-day basis.

fundadores plasticband
Miquel Sisó & Jordi Guimet

Founders of Plasticband

Jordi Guimet
Jordi Guimet Martí

General Manager