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Plasticband new facilities

Plasticband invites you to meet the new facilities

This year our Company has renewed its facilities.

We have incorporate new designs and improved the technology of our Orbital Wrappers as well as Pallets Strappers; moreover we developed the iPremium® plastic strap, the strap which will not default you!

We know the packaging of your product is important for your Company indeed. With our machinery you are more effective in your work and will protect the result of your effort.

For that reason we invite you to know what we could offer to you, so you will feel the packaging process.

Visit us, it is a good opportunity to discuss it further and to help you to improve your project.

Are you ready?

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    PLB Experience

    Experience, participate, live the wrapping and strapping experience of your own product in our space reserved for you:
    PLB Experience.

    Experiencia Plasticband

    Orbital wrappers factory 4.0

    We create a customized Orbital Wrapper for your product.

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      fabrica envolvedoras orbitales plasticband

      Kaizen training room

      Team spirit

      A room to develop your packaging project with you, a space ready for the continuous improvement.
      1. Reject fixed ideas.
      2. Think about how to do it instead of why it cannot be done.
      3. Do not make excuses. Start by questioning current practices.
      4. Do not seek perfection; do it right away even if you achieve 40% of the target only.
      5. Correct the mistake immediately.
      6. Do not spend money, use your common sense.
      7. Find ideas in the difficulties.
      8. Ask “Why?” five times and solve the last cause.
      9. Find the 10 people experience instead of the geniality of just one.
      10. Improvement is infinite.
      Sala Kaizen Plasticband

      Strap & Maturi® strapping machines factory


      Vertical, Horizontal, Rotative, With Rail, Stations…

      Certainly, they are the strapping machines we produce in Plasticband!

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