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Facilities with a goal...
To show you the future of your company.

You are one step away from knowing the 5 rooms that take you to the next level to your packaging system. Are you ready?

Room PLB experience Plasticband


What kind of products you need to pack? How would you like to pack your own product, by yourself?
In Plasticband we offer an experience 100% custom... so Much so, that you will be able to know the process of packaging your product.
Don't imagine as it is the future improvement of your company, you will be able to see with your own eyes.


If your product are the tools MATURI®, get ready for a visit by the Manufactures of machinery most revolutionary in the history of the packaging.


If your product are the wrappers, orbital, you can not miss the visit where you discover some of the most efficient machines on the market.


Do you have the packing in your production system? Do you know that you need our packing systems, but do not know how to apply it in your business? How long can you save with our systems of packing?
Team work is one of the pillars that hold Plasticband and if you decide to join, we will help you to develop the best project of packaging for your company.


Do you have sustainability in mind when packing your products?
In Plasticband we are strongly committed to the care of the environment and we want to explain the advantages of protecting your products in a sustainable way. Have machinery Plasticband in your business ensures you will join the movement eco practically without realizing it.

Are you ready?


And if you are experience complete, we invite you to get to know what we have to offer, what you'll experience in first person the packing process.
Visit us, it is an opportunity to sit down with you and help you evolve in your project.

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