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Stretch film

Stretch Film

The ultimate protection

Plasticband® film keeps your deliveries clean and in optimum conditions during transport and storage.

Film estirable

La protección final

El film Plasticband® mantiene sus envíos limpios y en perfecto estado durante su transporte y almacenaje.


Why wrapping my products with stretch film?

To protect from dirt and dust

It prevents dirt and dust from affecting the products which have properly been wrapped with stretch film.

To protect from moisture

It prevents the rain drops from affecting the wrapped products stored outside or during transport.

Anti-theft strecth film

Your products will arrive at your destination in optimum conditions, avoiding accidents within the logistics chain.

¿Por que envolver con film estirable mis productos?

Proteger de la suciedad y polvo

Previene que la suciedad y el polvo afecten a los productos que han estado debidamente envueltos con film estirable.

Proteger de la humedad

Previene que las gotas de lluvia afecte a los productos envueltos bien por estocar en el exterior o durante el transporte.

Film estirable anti hurto

Sus productos llegarán a destino en óptimas condiciones, evitando accidentes dentro de la cadena logística.

Stretch film types manufactured by Plasticband

Tipos de film estirable fabricados por Plasticband

Bandita mini roll


10 cm width self-adhesive stretch film roll designed to group products and protect them from dirt, dust or grease. It tightly adheres to the products, no need of adhesive seal. Ideal to replace the adhesive tape.

Maximum performance: Products grouping (accessories, profiles, bars, mouldings…)

Film estirable automático

Automatic stretch film

It wraps the load without using adhesive seal. Specially conceived to be used in our Plasticband orbital wrapping machines, and particularly for elongated products. Manufactured in dimensions from 10 to 25 cm width and 23 to 35 microns thick (depending on required resistance).

Maximum performance: Protection of elongated or voluminous products in automatic mode.

Most common systems to wrap with stretch film

Depending on the number of products to wrap, type of product and other technical constraints, you have available different wrapping devices.

Aplicador Bandita

Bandita applicator

This practical applicator allows you to adjust the stretch film tension, reaching the correct tension for the specific product to be wrapped.

You will find a free dispenser in every Bandita box

Envolvedoras orbitales

Automatic wrapping machines

Orbital wrapping machines group and protect your products from dirt, dust and moisture, while keeping them intact during transport and storage.

  • Presentation: Obtain a better finish and presentation of your products.
  • Flexibility: Wrap your products with different seizes, diameters and shapes without any adjustment necessary.
  • Performance: High working speed and labour savings.
Fabricación de film estirable

Jose Orellana

My name is Jose Orellana and I am part of the stretch-film production team.

In Plasticband we manufacture a very high quality and tailor made stretch-film for our automatic orbital wrappers, although we also manufacture standard measures for manual application and, of course, our mini roll for small application called Bandita.

Which film to choose?

Our automatic orbital wrappers use different film coils and it may vary depending on the model and size of the machine.

Which film to choose?

Our automatic orbital wrappers use different film coils and it may vary depending on the model and size of the machine.