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Stretch ecoFilm

The final protection

The final protection The film Plasticband® keeps your submissions clean and in perfect condition during transport and storage.

Why wrapping with stretch film my products?

Protect from dirt and dust

Prevents dirt and dust from affecting the products that have been properly wrapped with stretch film.

Protect from moisture

Prevents the drops of rain affecting the goods involved by being on the outside or during transport

Stretch Film anti-theft

Your products will arrive at their destination in optimal conditions, avoiding accidents within the logistics chain.

Types of stretch film manufactured by plasticband


Coil stretch film self-adhering of 10 cm wide designed for grouping of products and protect them from dirt, dust or grease. Adheres tightly to the parcel, without the need of adhesive. Ideal to replace the tape.

Maximum performance: a group of products (accessories, profiles, bars, rods, moldings,...)


Wraps around the cargo without the use of adhesive. It is specially manufactured for use in the orbital wrappers Plasticband®especially for wrapping elongated products. Manufactured in dimensions of 10 to 25 cm in width and with a thickness of 23 to 35 microns (depending on the strength required).

Maximum performance: protection of elongated products or bulky in automatic mode.


Wraps around the cargo without the use of adhesive, avoiding damage the product. Protects from dirt, dust and moisture. Manufactured in rolls of 50 cm of width and various thicknesses (23 to 35 microns) depending on the application.

Maximum performance: Protection of pallets and loads.


With the film anti-theft Plasticband® your products more sensitive to travel discreetly, hidden from view, thus preventing the removal of the content or the manipulations that are unwanted. It will also protect those products that can be damaged by the light (food, wood, treatments...). Manufactured in rolls of 50 cm wide and black and white colors.

Maximum performance: Protection of electronics, textile, fashion, wooden...


Our technical sales team will guide you to integrate the best packing system depending on the needs of your company.

Most used systems for wrapping with stretch film


This handy applicator enables you to adjust the tension of the stretch film, getting to regulate the voltage applied on the product to be wrapped.

In each box of Band-aid, you'll find a dispenser free.


The wrappers orbitals grouped and protect your products from dirt, dust and moisture, keeping them intact during transport and storage.

  • Presentation: Get a better finish and presentation of your products.
  • Flexibility: Wrap products of various lengths, diameters and shapes without any adjustment.
  • Performance: High speed and saving labor.


Our stretch wrapping automatic orbitals used film reels different and vary depending on the model and size of the machine.

Do you want to continue improving your packaging systems?

In Plasticband® we have the best range of orbital wrappers , strap and film, as well as the best technical service to protect your products.